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The President of APL will be hosting his final webinar of 2021 on December 28th

We finally have the date of Sergey Kulikov's final webinar of 2021 which is guaranteed to be memorable!

We finally have the date of Sergey Kulikov's final webinar of 2021 which is guaranteed to be memorable! On December 28 at 17:00 (Moscow time) we encourage every Associate of APL to be locked into their laptop, tablet or smartphone screen. Why?

First of all, you are going to find out more details about the Company's plans for 2022, the year we have titled as UNSTOPPABLE! We will be sharing some very important information! This is another reason why we encourage Company events to be on your New Year's lists of goals and wishes for the year.

Second, the President will evaluate 2021 for APL. Want to know what he thinks this year was like for the company? The figures alone will show you and your Associates that they have made the right decision, to become a part of APL!

Third, and this is one of the most important points! At each webinar, it is the intention of the President to deliver a powerful charge of energy and motivation to every Associate that they can use for the upcoming year! We will include thoughts of some of our leaders who have achieved things that they never even dreamed of! This webinar will serve as a reminder that in life you have to act every minute and use every chance to become better and live better! This final webinar of 2021 will provide some valuable motivation from all APL Associates, which will be personally delivered by our President! We are looking forward to closing out another successful year with you, while looking forward to 2022!

Link to the Company's webinar room: https://go.myownconference.ru/aplgo

(The webinar will be in Russian).

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